Buy Ripple in India | How to buy Ripple in Koinex, Coindelta and Other Wallets


Ripple: The demand for the alternatives of Bitcoins is as same as the top coins that are trending the cryptocurrency market. Now, let us surface this thing by saying that this is not an endorsement for any cryptocurrency, not even for Ripples or otherwise. The matter of the fact is that there are markets for these already that are largely untested, unproven digital assets that that are extremely young and fickle. These points are taken into consideration after taking the recent bloodbath in the past day or so.

In the last week’s bitcoin crash, it is Ripple that has managed to avoid some of the wilder downward swings afflicting the other cryptocurrencies that are similar to BTC, LTH, and others. The fact is that the other coins like XRP, as Ripple’s token is technically called, broke the $1 mark for the first time in the last Thursday, and has quintupled its market cap for more than a huge amount of $5 billion dollars between Wednesday and Friday of that week alone. All of this data is taken from the CoinMarketCap, a cryptocurrency price tracker.

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In order to seek an explanation for the uptick from the coins, some of the people have pointed to the unverifiable rumors that are circulating in online forums that the Coinbase, one of the major companies in the cryptocurrency exchanges, may add the support for it and as the consequence, it allows the retail investors to purchase it on its website or the app. But who knows? We certainly have no evidence that this might be completely true about it.

However, given the search interest about the cryptocurrency, we put together a quick guide on how to purchase the stuff. So, how to purchase the Ripple Coins? If you are interested to buy some Ripple’s XRP, then here is how you might go about doing it so.

First of all, you have to note that it is not possible to buy XRP on Coinbase. This website that has soared to become one of the iPhones most popular in the last few weeks. Recently, it has added support for the Bitcoin Cash, a controversial “fork,” or spin-off, of Bitcoin. Coinbase already lets you buy the other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin. The website of Ripple lists all of the exchanges where the XRP is available for the purchase and some of the top exchanges include the Bitstamp, Gatehub, and Kraken.

Once you get till here, then it is pretty simple from here. All you have to do is to create an account at your exchange of choice, enter some of the personal information, and then you have to hover over the choices to finalize your purchase. If you want to know the detailed instructions, then you have visited the Ripple’s website where it is providing a step-by-step instruction with screenshots for each exchange.

The trading in the cryptos in always a risky and it is more of a gamble in the stock markets whereas, in the stock trading, you at least know on whom to bet on based on the news of the company. The case is totally different here. You could lose everything – or not. We just don’t know. But do not say that we did not warn you before.


You can buy Ripple in India Through these wallets:



But personally, I’m using Koinex and Coindelta for Ripple.

After Completing the Verification Process in an Easy way to deposit the money is IMPS instant.

Ripple Bank Details

Note: Before Adding Koinex Bank Details in Your Account Go to>Balanaces You will See the Bank Details there add them. The Above image is for reference purpose only.

You have other Deposit Option Via Payment Gateway but there is 2% fee for using this option.

After Money Credited to the Koinex Account Go to>Balances

It will display in INR Wallet.

Koinex Balance


Now go to Ripple tab.

Ripple tab


Now Enter How Many Ripples You Want to Buy in [XRP Volume]  Enter at What Price in [Price Per XRP]


Buying Ripple

You will see the below buy order Confirm It.

Ripple buy Order


After the purchase, you will get a notification of confirmation and you can check in balance.

If the purchase does not happen it will be in open orders once the price matches automatically it will buy


If you have any other doubts please comment below will try to answer.


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